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Design & Manufacture Capa
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Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd
Add: No.336, Licun Road, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: +86-572-2129525, 2129580
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Website: http://www.cemmitrading.com
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Design Section
Assembly Workshop1
Assembly Workshop2

Machining Workshop1
Machining Workshop2
Assembly Workshop3

Machining Parts of 2800ton
Ceramic Tile Press of Italy Sacmi
Heavy-duty Machines
Column being ground

M1380-5m Cylindrical Grinder
Column being ground
Large-scale Planer

T6916C Digital Floor Boring-milling Machine
Large-scale NC Boring-milling Machine
Machining Center


Assembly Workshop4
Assembly Workshop5
                    Machining Workshop3
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